Fourche BIONIC SCS bleue mat SACRIFICE Fourche solide en SCS roue 110mm

Fourche BIONIC SCS Bleu
Roue : 110 mm

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The Bionic forks are slick and slender, but incredibly strong with a 4 step telescoped shaft, giving strength in the areas that are needed most, and losing material where it isn’t.
They incorporate the unique nut trap design, that only Sacrifice product have which makes it simple to tighten the axle with just one tool
+ Integrated crown race
+ can use up to 110mm wheels
+ 149mm shaft length
+ integrated 6mm thread for SCS compression system

Compatible with Sacrifice Blender 110mm Wheels and UFO 110mm Non high wall.
NOT compatible with 110mm High Wall Profile Wheels.
NOT Compatible with Sacrifice Delta Core 110mm Wheels and Sacrifice Oil Slick 110mm Wheels.

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